We are not very fluent on English, and sometimes the seller is in the same situation too, so dealing with international suppliers is not always as easy as we could expect.

If you add to the language problem, the differences in cultural and administration / organization procedures, we have all the chances that something can go wrong in our relationship.

To make it as easy as possible for both parts, and to minimize going back and forward with the emails regarding an order or about things that can be clearly defined in advance, we have put together the usual information and administration procedures needed when we are dealing with international suppliers.

Before we start any business relationship, please read carefully this information and always follow the guidelines here given, to make is as easy and simple as possible for both parts, otherwise, order processing, becomes a nightmare and you and us will loose the interest to work together.

Business should be made as easy and simple as possible, for both parts, and anything that adds difficulties ends up with no interest and no business, and this is not good for you and not good for us, so let´s try to make it as easy and simple as possible.

We will only do business with you based on this terms and conditions, and if you are selling products to us, or plan to do so, it will be always based on what is said in here, that means we will not accept any other way of doing things.

After 18 years of experience in relationship with international suppliers, we think that we can easy avoid 95% of the usual problems found on a daily basis if we apply a little bit of common sense and strong administration rules and procedures ( surprisingly, something not always found out there ... ).


Trade name :


Legal name :

World Wide Global Television, S.L.

EU VAT Number :

ES B 81.121.931


Avenida de la Victoria, 95

Carretera de El Plantio a Majadahonda ( M-509 )

28.221 Majadahonda

Madrid, Spain

If it should be different, we will let you know in advance, if nothing is said about this, then this is the right and unique address for all the orders placed to you.


Telephone :

+34 91 372 97 00

Website :


Financial and administration department:

Monday to Friday

9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30


We don´t need from you any credit line or financial risk coverage, since we will pay you always in advance the day before the goods ordered are 100% ready to be shipped / delivered / collected ( never before ).

We will never pay you in advance for products ordered that are in backorder or that need to be received / manufactured by you.

Your inventory and or production planning is your business, not ours, and we are not going to finance you by paying you in advance, before the goods / products are really ready for shipping and delivery, that means products finalized and seating in stock in your warehouse. So please, don´t came to us with this kind of proposals, since they will be rejected, no discussion on this point.

We only accept to pay 50% of the net value of the products that we order if they are non-standard ones, like special products made for us or standard ones to be modified to our specifications.

We ask our bank to not deduct any commission or admin fees ( the ones that refer to our side of the payment transaction ) to the amount of money being transferred to your bank account, but if this happens, let us know and we will add this small amount to the next payment. In any case, if this happens, it should be a very small amount of money that should not be a problem for the seller. We will not cover your own expenses, commissions, etc that your bank could apply to you as a customer.

Sometimes, if needed, to make it easier and or faster for both parts, we can you pay by credit card ( VISA or AMEX ) or PayPal, in this case, we will send you a document signed by us, allowing you to charge once an exact amount of money, that should be equal to the proforma invoice received and mentioned in the signed document . This is only for special cases, not a common or usual way of working.


Send to ( and only to her ) Ms. Noemi Gallego, our Financial and Administration Director ( CFO ), at one detailed proforma, for each order and for each shipping package, clearly indicating ALL the information needed, even if it is the same as last time we did business, that information basically is as simple as follows:

1.   Your company legal name and VAT number ( TAX registered office ID )

2.   Your complete bank details, including branch / office address and location, telephone number and who is the person that manages your account

3.   Your complete bank account number, with the correct IBAN and SWIFT codes

4.   Complete name and contact details of the person responsible in your company for administration and / or order processing

5.   Complete name and contact details of the person responsible in your company for logistics / delivery / shipping processing

6.   Your complete warehouse address, including default general telephone number and default general email account ( were products must be collected )

7.   Your warehouse opening hours ( specify for administration and logistics, if they are different )

8.   Your warehouse contact people to arrange the pick up and shipping ( name, telephone and email )

One proforma should be made for each shipping, even if it is a partial shipping of one complete order placed by us.

The proforma can not mix products being delivered now, with the ones being delivered in the future ( backorders, on hold, etc ).

The proforma should always include the minimum necessary information about one individual shipping:

1.   The total number of individual items or products to be included in the shipping, identified one by one, ( reference number, model, version, color, etc )

2.   The net export price applied to each individual item or product

3.   The weight and size of each individual box or carton, ( metric )

4.   The weight and size of each individual pallet, ( metric )

5.   The weight and size of the complete shipping ( all boxes or cartons and/or pallets ), ( metric )

6.   The total number of cartons, boxes or palets of the complete shipping

7.   Indicate if the initial order placed by us, with this shipping, is fulfilled or not

8.   If there are any pending products, indicate witch ones and the estimated delivery date

The proforma should always refer to the currency used regarding the prices and the INCOTERMS ( name or mode and year ), that apply to this order.

If no INCOTERMS are mentioned, or they are not completely defined, by default it will be 2.010 definitions, being it FOB our desired port when we use our forwarder / transport agency and DAP/Madrid if you are taking care of the shipping and delivery of the order.

We always will take care of the import duty / taxes and the import customs clearance admin fees.

For more information about INCOTERMS, checkout this useful links: Wiki


Place our complete company information ( name, contact details, address, etc ) on each carton / box and document, so if the palet get divided or separated or is being split into individual cartons or boxes, the forwarder and transport agency can easy follow and track each individual piece, and they can contact us in the case of any incident, like delays, damage or lost.

Here you can download a PDF with our shipping marks to be used for this purpose: PDF

Only use this PDF, without any modifications or changes.


If you are taking care for the shipping to us, always with a door to door service, independently who pays for this service, you should inform your forwarder or transport agency that we do not provide any help or assistance to bring the products down to the floor, off from the truck or van, and enter them inside our facilities. This work should be done by the transport agency with they own employees and resources, since it is a service they charge for and that should be included, this means this is they business and they problem. The entry door of the building has 3 door steps. We sign the documents only once all the goods / products are delivered inside our facilities.

Remember the INCOTERMS 2.010 terms and conditions.

Tell your forwarder or transport agency about this situation and give to him our contact details to arrange the reception of the shipping.


Once the products are shipped / delivered to us, proceed in paralell to send to us an electronic copy of the final invoice ( in PDF format ).

The original printed version of the final invoice should be included with the products in the shipping and / or send by post at the same time.

We can´t ask for the final invoice to each supplier, each time we buy something, this is a legal document you should generate and provide by default and make it available to us without the need to remember it every time we place an order.


What we ask to you here, is normal business rules and common sense way of working, but the experience over the last 18 years have told us is that not everyone we deal with, works right in the sales and admin procedures, so please, read and understand this easy to follow instructions, and made them available to all the people inside your organization who get involved in our mutual business, to make sure this is 100% clear, there are no doubts, and that the admin process will go as fast and easy as possible for both parts. As mentioned before, we can not work fluently with you if the admin procedures becomes a nightmare. If any doubt or question, just ask us about it, we prefer a question before a problem.

If after reading this information, you still have any doubt, please ask us about it, and always do it before any error or misunderstood can happen. Thank you.

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